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Why Natural Healthy Minerals.

Our website address is: https://naturalhealthyminerals.co.UK

At Natural Healthy Minerals, we are affiliated to Simply Naturals a company based in the UK, who manufacture a range of health products, Natural Healthy Minerals through our affiliation is allowed to purchase the products, promote and sell for Simply Naturals including their plant derived minerals.

For a number of years, through the media we have heard about the importance of taking your “5 a day”, this has been promoted as a way of keeping our bodies healthy.

Whether you choose to ignore the advice or accept it, but for one reason or another many people never seem to have the time or the produce available to carry it through.

Maybe it’s because NO ONE has sufficiently impressed us about the importance of minerals to our health, many people still do not realise the importance of minerals for keeping our bodies working properly and staying healthy.

They Failed to Tell US.

The actual reason for our “5 a day” they failed to tell us about, is that it is the nutrients in the produce that we are being asked to consume that effect our health, not the fact we eat our “5 a day”

Our bodies are being badly affected by the disastrous LOSS of these ‘naturally created nutrient’s’.

Our body’s immune system actually NEEDS them to help it win the fight against the many diseases that we come into contact with every day.

Through our Natural Healthy Minerals website, we aim to explain the way in which these essential nutrients can easily be replaced.

Found A Cure.

It was through a very good friend that had a problem with restless legs, that I came to discover these health-giving minerals.

He had been through the normal medical routines to find a cure, and was offered sleeping tablets to help him get through the night. Whilst the tablets helped him get some sleep they did nothing to help alleviate the problem.

After being introduced to nature’s own plant derived minerals the restless legs stopped, the sleeping tablets were no longer required, his own testament was enough, so it came about that I myself started taking these minerals.

Helping People Like You.

It is through our own use of these minerals that this website came about, we are pleased to bring them to you, there are many instances where these minerals have helped people stay fit and healthy, improving their medical condition without the use of drugs.

Millions of Years ago the vegetation on our planet was far more nutritious than it is today, it is from this vegetation that the minerals are sourced, and the produce that we buy in our shops and supermarkets no longer provide us with the amount that the body requires on a daily basis.

Just A few of the known Health issues that these Minerals have helped people recover from.

Many people today suffer from high blood pressure, cancer, and other serious illnesses which plant derived minerals have helped them alleviate their problem. These are not a cure, all they are is a replacement for the minerals we should be ingesting on a daily bases, we are not being made aware of there value to our health.

That is the purpose of Natural Healthy Minerals to help you firstly understand there importance and secondly help your body to better overall health.

Body Builders, Airline Pilots, Athletes, all have found they help reduce stress and enhance performance, its important to understand that the body needs the minerals, the food we grow and eat is deficient, so here is a way we can easily and safely replace these minerals in our diet.

We Aim to Provide

There is a commitment to continual improvement and we will endeavor to maintain and update the information on our website, we aim to build the trust and confidence of all visitors to our website.

If after you start using the minerals yourself and you find them as beneficial as we have, then there is also a business opportunity for you to introduce others to these and further remarkable products.

I sincerely hope that through following our website your eyes will be opened about the health benefits that Plant Derived Minerals can bring to you and your family.

In particular, natural healthy minerals is not in the business of selling, renting or trading email lists with other companies and
businesses for marketing purposes.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Best Wishes,

Paul Greaves